Water is a precious resource, let's preserve it! :

All our bathrooms are equipped with flow regulators.

During your stay, you can help us by adopting a few simple eco-gestures:

  • We change your bed linen and towels at your convenience: simply put the towels to be changed in the bath or shower, or on the floor and inform reception of your wish not to change sheets during your stay. 
  • Similarly, if you wish, you can refuse to clean your room.
  • Remember to close the taps when you brush your teeth and not to let the water run unnecessarily: a 5-minute shower consumes 40 to 50 liters of water, each additional minute consumes 10 liters more!
  • Be sure to only throw toilet paper in the toilet, trash cans are available. In fact, cigarette butts, periodic protection and other waste affect the proper functioning of the treatment plant.
  • Do not hesitate to inform us of any leak or other anomaly concerning the water.

Energy is our future, save it !

In your room, have the right reflexes:

  • Use heating and air conditioning in moderation: it's better for your health! If you open the window, remember to turn off the heating or air conditioning.
  • Please turn off the lights when leaving your room.

Let's move without polluting:

During your stay, ask at reception for all the information you need to get around and discover the city on foot, by bike, electric bike, scooter, green taxi (green cab Taxi G7), electric car. There is also public transport (for more information, see the RATP website).

Some applications or sites offering to visit the city without polluting:

  • Citygem: a free application to visit Paris on foot, by bike or by scooter. Choose your theme: green, strolls or even architecture and follow the guide!
  • Jooks: An application to discover the city by running, by bike or in a wheelchair.
  • Parisavelo.fr: on this site, choose your bike, the rental time or opt for a guided bike tour!

Do not hesitate to send us your ideas and support our values ​​during your stay!







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